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Don't vote again until you read this!

T he UK is the only country putting up taxes during the huge cost of living crisis because of Covid and the War in Ukraine. That's because we also have a cost of LEAVING crisis on top of it all in the UK.  And the government seem hell bent on trying to hide that (because they did it) rather than thinking of how to help and protect You and Me.  50% of all UK imports come from the EU. And they're now subject to extra costs, tariffs etc. Because we're not a member anymore. Also, the global hgv driver shortages are much worse in the UK because EU HGV drivers are no longer classed as high skilled because they don't earn over £50,000 a year.  Because you're not skilled if you don't, according to UK immigration policy. (Farage's 'Australian style points system'). This means companies have to pay more to drivers to try to get the ones that ARE available. Companies obviously aren't going to absorb those costs, they've got shareholders to pay. You and